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KEK KUKUS (Steamed Fruit Cake)

KEK KUKUS (Steamed Fruit Cake)

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Kek kukus is what we call steamed fruit cake in Singapore and Malaysia. It is very, very similar in flavour to the fruit cake found in the West and that is especially popular at weddings and Christmas.

By using rich expensive ingredients, these cakes usually take long hours to steam to get that texture and well incorporated taste..

Looking at the picture, one will be able to tell that the cake is very moist, almost crust less. It is dense and slightly chewy. It can be cut into very nice pieces and with a distinctive dark colour. These dark colour is specially made. Unlike western fruit cake that uses brown sugar or molasses to colour the fruit cake, the sugars are caramelized first to get the colour.

The cake will further develop its taste after resting 1-2 days.

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