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Mutyara Gugusan Sumatra - Modern Jamu Juice

1 bottle: 2 weeks
2 bottles: 4 weeks



For Miss V
• Assist with white discharge problem.
• Eliminates smell.
• Tightens Miss V area due to after birth. Walls and vagina entry will be more elastic and tightened naturally.
• Tightens and firms the muscles of Miss V and helps to restore elasticity.
• Prevents infections and balance pH level.
• Sanitizes the female sex organs and protects them from bacterial and fungal Infections.
• Increases sensitivity

For the body
• Tightens, firms and enhance bust size, including brightens aerola.
• Boost and tighten hips, Breast Muscles and helps saggy bust.
• Reduce tummy size in 7 days.
• It enhances the production of Hormone Estrogen.
• Assist in darkening of grey hair & improves hair growth.
• Slows down aging process.
• Skin brightens, softer, tightens and look more youthful.
• Improves sleep problem.
• Shrinks cyst and fybroid.
• Increase energy and alertness.
• Shapes and tones body.
• Enhance female reproductive organs.
• Alleviates Leucorrhea symptoms.
• Prevents Uterine Prolapse.
• Cleans the uterus after childbirth and Menses.
• Good for afterbirth effect like development of bone pains after delivery.

• Honey, Dates, Pomegranate, Cayenne, Garlic, Tumeric

How To Consume:
• The recommended daily dosage is 2 tablespoon morning and night (maximum 4 day) Best taken on empty stomach, preferably before breakfast and before bedtime.

Store in fridge

Suitable For:
Female 17 years old and above.
Suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Quantity: 350 ml


Does it help dysmenorrhea?
Yes, it will! Sometimes the uterus may not be able to expel the contents every menstrual cycle. This may result in symptoms like Cramps, Brown, Purple or Black Blood Clotting, Total absence of menses Excessive Bleeding, Bad break outs before or after menses

Mutyara will help you return to normalcy?
All these herbs are popular for women with absent period, but it has other beneficial actions. It helps to reduce menstrual cramps in women with a boggy, heavy feeling uterus due to stagnation, poor circulation and scant blood flow during menstruation. It acts on the circulatory system and lymphatic system reducing tissue congestion. It has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very relaxing to the nervous system, which may be helpful to those with anxiety or tension during PMS and menstruation. Interestingly this herb has been shown to first stimulate the uterus and then go on to relax it. It has also a wonderful hormonal balancing herb, used since the 16th century for the female reproductive system!
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