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Pretty Dash by J



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Mutyara is now launches Mutyara V-GIN which is specially formulated to help take care of women's internal health. The special formulation uses natural premium ingredients and extracts from ingredients that have a specific function to take care of the internal health of Miss V women.

V-GIN is a mixed jelly consisting of Blackcurrent Juice, Figs, Fragrant Watermelon, Ginseng, Fennel Berries (Mulberry, Cranberry, Bilberry)

Apart from taking care of external beauty, women need to focus on internal health, especially the sensitive parts of women which are usually a woman's asset in giving the best to her husband and navigating a harmonious household.

Mutyara juice uses a recipe handed down from Tya Arifin's family in Palembang, suitable for women who want to look healthy inside and out. Enriched with various herbal ingredients such as honey, garlic, turmeric, ginger and many more that are believed to be effective.


7 Sticks x 20g

Type : Jelly

How to consume:

Once a day before breakfast



Q1. What is the consumption dosage for V-Gin?
A: One box has 7 jelly sticks. Can be consumed 1 stick daily or alternate days, accordingly to your preference.

Q2. How do I consume both Mutyara Jamu and V-Gin?
A: Consume them an hour apart for full absorption of both supplements.

Q3. Safe for breastfeeding mummies?
A: Yes!

Q4. Safe to consume during menstruation?
A: Yes it is safe however, V-Gin focuses on recovery of the elasticity of the vagina. And we avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation days so it's best to pause consumption of V-Gin and consume again once menstruation ends.

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